As the end of the school year approaches at breakneck speed, there's a mixture of anticipation, fear, uncertainty and good ol' excitement at each of my schools. There are also alot of events to commemorate and mark the ending of this school year.

Today we had an event put on by the grateful and happy parents at one of my schools. They are grateful and happy because the school is one of the top elementary schools in the whole state. Which means that their kids are among the top students in the state. Oh yeah, it also means the property values in the surrounding area get a bump too.

But that really isn't why the event was put on as its been going for years and is a traditional way for the community to say thanks to all of the people who make the school run. From the teachers to the office staff to the yard duty supervisors to the teaching interns to the computer guy.

The theme was the far east and the decor was awesome, unique and really cool. I sat at the Koi Pond table which turned out to be a coincidental choice. But let me rewind for just a minute. Yesterday the boys got a close up look at a tabletop zen garden, the kind with a miniature rake, tiny little pagodas and wee boulders. And they loved it. They were both absolutely fascinated by it.

And the Koi Pond table's special little thank you was a mini-mini zen garden. Which made my day after already having an awesome meal (though the lack of sake with sushi is troubling, understandable since the lunch was at school but troubling nonetheless).

There's another school party coming up and then maybe one more party at my other school. Not sure about that one right now. But today's party was a really nice time made all the better by a neat little thank you gift.