Another Way to Hop Like a Bunny

Professional tennis player Ashley Harkleroad fulfills naked ambition with Playboy shoot.

And that's all well and good, she's attractive, is in great shape and will represent the female athletic form really well. But let's not candycoat this whole thing, she wouldn't be in the magazine if she weren't a tennis player. She's good looking but she's not gorgeous or totally stunning.

Plus, Harkleroad is a fun name to say. And that's got to count for something.

[Edit: Upon reconsideration and listening to KNBR on the way, apparently a rather large number of men would be willing to specifically buy an issue of Playboy with Serena Williams in it naked. The number who'd be willing to specifically (that is, buy it when they don't normally) buy the issue with Ashley Harkleroad is significantly less. But I don't necessarily think its about beauty, maybe more about booty. Either way, I'm not buying either issue. Though I might use Zinio to check out the online version.]