Fly Butterfly

This was an unusually busy weekend for us with three parties in two days. One was an end of the school year faculty party held at one of the teacher's houses above Watsonville with a stellar view. One was a birthday party for a four year close to some other friend's with a great backyard. And the last was a bbq among our pals leading into drunken poker (which I didn't stay for).

We almost made it out of the party mode without any injuries but my two over-tired and crazy boys got into a game of chasing each other around the car's in the carport (after Grady had a night-ending accident but was in some clean undies again). Sully was in pursuit and either dragged his foot or just tripped over it. Either way, the end result was a bloodied up toe and screaming loud enough to wake the recently deceased. Which gave way to passing out as soon as we got on the road heading home.

I knew by 8 or 9 on Saturday that I was going to be pretty well wiped out come Sunday morning. And I was. But that's alright, it was a pretty fun weekend even if I was in a pretty crappy mood on Friday afternoon due to some even more depressing news from my department and district. Suffice it to say that I'm not so bummed to be leaving anymore since the support crew is getting shuffled up and downgraded in quality and ability. Not good. Also, I found out who has officially taken my position at the one school that has re-upped the site support tech contract for next year. That was kind of depressing.

I also got more research time in on job leads, building out my skill list and continuing to craft my cover letters.

Oh, and I got some tomatoes planted which will be really nice. Fresh dirt, four seedlings in a half barrel in the sun and we should be very good to go! I was going to take a pic and then try to do a new pic every couple of weeks or month but time got short this morning and I had to roll out at speed to get to work close to on time (not that anyone's really waiting and watching for me but still).