Ditch the Car, Pound Some Pedals

Tomorrow is Bike-Walk to Work Day and you are highly encouraged to get your butt in the saddle and work up a sweat on the way to work instead of cooling your heels in your SUV.

I rode in this morning as I am at my nearby school today and there's no chance I'm riding tomorrow (the official Bike to Work Day) as that would mean a 16+ mile ride out on Freedom Blvd where people drive like idiots and there are long, long hills.

I'm all for bicycling where possible but I'm not so much for riding where the roads are really poorly set up to accommodate cyclists. Its just too easy for a distracted jackass to run you down and not even notice it.

But I got my ride in already, got here in pretty good time and feel pretty good about myself for doing it. Plus, it is going to be a freakin' scorcher today (it was over 80 degrees in Santa Rosa at 7 am this morning!) and I needed the excuse to wear shorts and a tank top.