Crime Reports and Google Maps Mashup

Are you curious about the incidence of crime near your house or place of business? Do you want to be depressed?

Check out SpotCrime and go to your state and select your city. Like, oh I don't know, let's look at Oakland and you can even select the crimes you want to see represented on the map. There have been 53 shootings in Oakland and 300 assaults, 180 acts of vandalism and that's just in the last two months.

The site doesn't include smaller cities and towns but I hope they are working to add them as I'd like to get a sense of the real level of crime near my house. And I will certainly be making use of this site when we do get to a point where we can relocate to a new house.

You can even pop in an address to see how close it is to see crime "hubs" for an extra-depressing reality.