Bandwidth Hogs

I just enabled Wireless Access Control on my wireless network. The reason being is that my broadband access had been reduced to dialup speed crawling.

So I ran a quick line speed test on Speakeasy to confirm my gut feelings. My speed? A rather pokey 200 kbps download and 135 kpbs upload.

After turning on Wireless Access Control (basically I need to approve and add your wireless card to the whitelist or you get nothing) I retested the line for speed. The results? 2500 kpbs down and 423 up.

I've got no problems sharing my bandwidth with people so long as they don't hog it and so long as they don't use it to spam people.

Since I'm paying for my bandwidth, I reserve the right to use 99% of it whenever I want to. If you're using 90% of my pipe when I want to then don't be too surprised when you get shut off and blocked.

Granted its the middle of the workday and I should be working but I'm off sick today and need to be using my computer. Sorry, free riders, the free broadband pipeline is closed until further notice.

And yes, I do have password controls on my wi-fi. And yes, I do know precisely who was hogging my pipe on amateurmatch.com (I love perusing my log files and seeing what the free riders are doing).

[Update: Once I'd gotten my stuff done, I turned access back on for him. I know he's also looking for work and not having web access can severely limit that effort. But I'll probably have a word with him the next time we run into each other out front. Just to let him know what's going on and why his pipe got pinched!]