You Call It Budget Cuts, I Call It Retrenchment

It isn't quite official but it might as well be. My position in the school district will cease to exist on July 1st and my employment in the district along with it.

Which is to say, hit the bricks, punk.

While there are aspects of my employment that I am going to miss, I'm already seeing a bit of a silver lining (stupid optimistic streak!) in that a return to the private sector means more money, merit (not limp seniority rules) raises, bonuses and alot less chair-fillers (the losers who get into a bureaucracy and then do almost nothing but occupy their chair).

I would have stayed if I could have. Despite growing misgivings about the state of education in California and my personal issues with the office manager at one of my schools (who pulled another total asshole move today that had pissed me off before my meeting with HR but doesn't matter in the least to me now that I know its not my fight). I would have stayed despite making about two-thirds of my pay at my last job. I would have stayed despite the communications chasm within and without my department.

But that choice has been taken away from me and now I need to pick myself back up and get another damned job. One upside is that, by taking the bull by the horns and setting up the meeting with HR, I know alot earlier than I would have and can start working my employment cycle earlier.

The severe downside is that there are an awful lot of people who are also out of work and looking.

Its time to start thinking about what kind of job I would like to have next, the kind of people I want to work with (not apathetic bureaucrats) and I can look forward to making substantially more money again. All of which are good things but the process is a drain, financially and emotionally and I was looking forward to not having to do it again for some time. But that's no longer up to me.

Time to sharpen up my resume, dust off my LinkedIn profile and start working my business contacts to get some movement going. Know anyone who needs an exceptionally creative visionary PR/marketing guy who can also fix computers, plan conferences, shepherd CEOs and basically kick ass at any job he's given? Drop me a line.

Next step?
What industry do I want to work in?

Oh yeah, maybe I'll take a drive up to take a big steaming shit on the sidewalk in front of the Governor's office.