When Losing Makes Me Smile

Dodgers fall past Giants into last place

With a payroll of $118,536,038 compared to the Giants' relatively middle of the road $76,904,500, the Dodgers are living down to their expectations quite nicely.

The more they flail and fail, the happier I get. The same goes for the Yankees.

Oh, and Easy, the Red Sox are fourth in the league payroll this year, more than $70 million less than the Yankees. But then, no team aside from the Yankees is breaking $150 million and the Yankees are spending nearly $210 million on their roster this season.

That is a ridiculous inequity and there is absolutely no reason they should be allowed to spend so damned much and pretty much destroy any concept of an even playing field.

I'll suggest it again because it tickles me, I want salary-weighted scoring (that is, the Yankees would have to score 10 runs for every run the Marlins put up with their meager $21 million payroll). Sure it would rip the bottom out of the contract negotiating market but it would also force teams like the Yankees to actually create and develop a team rather than just buy All-Stars.