Vocus PR: Publicity Bottomfeeders

I told them I would if they didn't stop, they didn't stop so now I'm doing it.

Vocus PR has decided to ignore my repeated requests for removal from their mailing lists and continue to send me totally un-targeted press releases for products and companies I wouldn't do business with even if I could.

I've now taken to contacting the clients directly from the press releases to tell them what an annoying and bad PR agency they have hired. I'm sure there are some lines I'm crossing but I really do not care anymore. If Vocus PR wants me to stop informing their clients of their piss-poor public relations practices then they should honor my request to be removed from their stupid database.

Since they have not and, apparently, refuse to then I am forced to make good on my promise.

Bad PR sticks around much longer than any good PR. And Vocus Public Relations is the bottom feeder worst scenario PR agency that you do NOT want representing your company.

Why would they add me to their lists when I'm not an editor, reviewer or analyst? To fluff up their end of month numbers for the packet of info they send to their clients. Its a standard practice in PR to make your efforts look better than they are by adding contacts, touches (outreach via phone or email to specific editors) and coverage.

If they'd honor removal requests then we wouldn't be having a problem. But they ignore them and keep sending garbage releases to me. So I'm going to jab them with a pointy stick and see how they like it.

[Update: Not a PR agency, a PR services company. They still need to honor opt-outs and not continue to sell my email address as a legitimate contact for their customers. But thanks for the heads-up, Conner.]