The Undeletable Tivo Message

I love my Tivo, it gives me power over the idiot box. But they seem to think I've got a 2 second memory because they refuse to accept that I have read and understood the message about the need to connect to the server. I have, at last count, deleted the exact same message eight infuriating times this morning and it just keeps coming back.

What insane rationale could lead them to think I need so many reminders or that I really do NOT want to delete the message when I have deleted it eight times already? That is just asinine.

By the time I ended up leaving for work, I'd "deleted" the same ridiculous message more then 14 times. Which is about 13 times too many.

By the way, ever since replacing/upgrading the main hard drive we have tons of suggested viewing, more space to record shows we want than ever before and the interface is back to being somewhat zippy (the dying hard drive made everything slow, slow, slow).

There's still too much Oprah and Dr. Phil but at least they are more buried among my shows so it doesn't bother me so much. Not anywhere near as much as the messages that cannot be deleted though.