To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak

I've had my iPhone for a little more than a week now and absolutely love it to death. It isn't perfect but it is pretty damned sweet all the way around.

But I am also starting to feel a little penned in by the restrictions placed on the phone by Apple. There are quite a good number of apps that could enhance or extend my iPhone and allow me to do more, better and faster.

So the question is whether I want to jailbreak my phone or not. The most compelling reason I've come across so far is called Snapture and it gives the camera some features that it sorely lacks.

I think I'll end up jailbreaking my iPhone sooner rather than later.

Oh, and on the not-perfect tip, there are a few niggling annoyances with the iPhone that were easily avoidable and kind of short sighted and stupid. The lack of an SD or mini (or even Micro) SD slot is extremely limiting and, I believe, was done solely to drive 16 gig model sales. And that annoys me.

The sunk-in ear bud plug is really stupid and annoying. They recessed the plug so that only certain skinny plugs will work which means I can't just plug my iPhone into my stereo, I need an adapter. Stupid and annoying.

And the lack of the ability to cut and paste text is killing me. So far as I've been able to tell there is no simple way of moving text from one app to another on the iPhone. And that is very, very trying. I'm expecting a jailbroken phone will have some options of adding a cut and paste functionality but I don't understand why Apple didn't think to include it in the phone to begin with.