Strikes One, Two and Three

Just as I was leaving one of my schools yesterday, a parent parked her over-sized SUV in the lot. Nothing unusual, parents treat the staff and teacher parking lot as their own space. Its annoying but I'm pretty used to it by now.

In fact, the parking situation at all of my schools is almost an afterthought and wasn't terribly well thought out and the problem is exacerbated by thoughtless and/or self-absorbed parents.

Anyway, the parent and her son were headed on to campus when I muttered under my breath about what a great parking job she'd done. And it was noteworthy. She had parked in a handicapped space without a placard and was obviously not handicapped (at least not physically) but she'd done such a bad job of parking that she was halfway blocking the wheelchair access ramp. The same ramp I was about to use to get out of the lot and off campus.

She overheard me, apologized and came back to move her car. I didn't really care to wait and just rode off the curb leaving her to think of me as some kind of asshole. Which I am but that's not the point.

The point is she failed before she'd even turned off her car.
1. The parking lot is for teachers and school faculty. Not parents, not dropoffs, not losers in their Fast & Furious toy cars. Teachers and faculty and there aren't enough spaces for us as it is.
2. Parking in a handicapped space is a pretty clear sign that you're a complete asshole. Presuming you're not handicapped, of course. She wasn't yet still felt empowered to park where she had no right.
3. She parked so far over the line as to block the access way for any real handicapped people who might actually come to the campus (and have to park on the other side of the lot because this parent decided to take the handicapped space).

That's three quick and easy strikes she could have easily avoided by just removing her head from her ass before parking in the staff lot. The problem is that there's no way to effectively enforce the rules about not using the staff parking. Which means that the parents abuse the hell out of the system because there's no real way to stop them. Nor would they listen in the first place anyway. Which is where the kids get it from too, I'm sure.

The mentality of the parent's is galling sometimes. Especially when I hear from a teacher about a kid that's been a discipline issue since Kindergarten and the father decides that its his third grade teacher that is the problem. Um yeah, dude, actually YOU are the problem for not being a more active and participating parent.