The Sharks Move On

If you are a fan of hockey then you are already well aware of what a fantastic Game Seven was played in San Jose by the Calgary Flames and the Sharks. The game was played hard by both sides, with alot of hits, some cheap shots and some blatant assaults. But that's hockey and that's alright by me.

When the assaults get called for the fouls that they are. But the officials were really bad, missing clear fouls committed directly in front of them. If it were up to me, that officiating crew would be demoted right out of the playoffs.

But anyway, the hockey game itself was fast, furious and explosive. And historic in Jeremy Roenick's record-tying 4 points via two goals and two assists.

And the Sharks won, of course, that's what really made it a great game. Unless you're a Flames fan.