Not much time to post this morning as I'm running a little late.

I checked the Los Gatos Apple Store last night and found that they did have a few iPhones in stock. They initially did not want to set one aside for me but when I explained that I was coming up from Santa Cruz, they understood (its about 20 miles) and reserved one for me.

Now I'm happily learning to ins and outs of my sweet new device since you can't really call it just a phone. But yeah, it totally rocks in every sense of the word.

The Giants had another thrilling win last night after an amazingly awesome pitching performance from Jonathan Sanchez and the lone run of the game scored in the bottom of the ninth with an off the wall double. Really great stuff to watch.

Only one more day until the new Tivo hard drive gets here, I'm not sure if my wife can wait that long.

Okay, that's me for now. I'll be back later, I hope.