A Perfect Storm for Profit

I heard a short news blurb about Congress Grilling Oil Execs on High Prices and "asking tough questions" about gas prices and profits and tax breaks.

The thing is, expecting oil companies to voluntarily give up profits and tax breaks is utterly insane. They will milk that teat for absolutely as long as possible and won't be removed without much kicking and screaming despite the fact that the baby in this example is 50 years old and a multi-billionaire.

The first order of business for a non-oil-addicted-buffoon president should be to remove the tax breaks immediately. These companies are making record profit after record profit in successive quarters, there is simply no argument for continuing to support them. They make more money than the majority of countries on our planet.

Second, gas prices should also fluctuate to the lower side as well instead of the never-ending climb up towards $4 and more a gallon.

Third, I want a politician to stand up and point the finger (you choose which one) at the oil execs and call them on their position, force them to admit they are raping America and Americans in the name of stockholder profits. While families are being forced to make the choice between gas for the car and dinner for the kids.

There is just no reasonable and valid argument for a company making record profits each quarter to be getting handouts or breaks from the government. None. Because unfettered greed is not a valid argument. It is, to quote some gaming pals, an epic fail.

The combination of an oil-baby-fool for a president (who's family has been in bed with the Saudi's for decades), the war in Iraq cutting world oil supplies, tax breaks and ever-rising gas costs is a recipe for revolution in the streets and oil executives heads jammed on pikes. That they have the audacity to try and say their profits are reasonable is disgusting and, quite simply, wrong.