NWoTD - Sinstallation

Today's new word is inspired by recent delightful interactions with one of my schools' office managers who has asked me to install software on her computer that she's already been specifically forbidden to have installed.

Sinstallation - a "sinful" installation, i.e. putting software on a computer when they are not supposed to have it. Sinstallation leads to my boss coming down on me very, very hard as it exposes the school to piracy lawsuits and exposes the network to an unqualified and unwanted user.

And no, she did not get the software sinstalled, I checked with my supervisor who informed me of the history.

The office manager and I are currently embroiled in a low-level passive/aggressive war. She wants me to go above and beyond for her school regardless of the fact that I have contractual obligations to work for my other schools when my schedule has me there. She's also a wicked control freak who hates that I'm not under her thumb.