The Neighbors Who Just Won't Stay Gone

The empty house next to mine isn't so empty all of the time, apparently. I happened to be out on my deck and saw two women enter the house through the sliding glass back door the afternoon.

The same sliding glass door that the asshole's kids broke, on purpose, so that they could get into the house whenever they wanted to while it sits empty. Nevermind the fact that they don't have any rights to the house and are breaking the law by entering it. They don't care in the least because, well, they are fucking idiots.

Anyway, I saw the two women go in and thought they might be a realtor and a client checking things out. But there was no car outside and, when I called the realtor on the board up at the street, she confirmed my concern.

In talking with my other direct neighbors, she said her son has seen both of the asshole's kids in the house and around the neighborhood even though they don't live here. Which is just great to know that a few gang-banging thug wannabe's are using the house attached to mine as a flophouse/drug den/whatever.

Well, guess what ain't gonna fly?

The realtor came out and made sure the place was empty, checked the bar at the back slider and thought it was secure. I had them lock me out on the deck and was able to get back inside in under ten seconds. Her next statement was about getting a locksmith out ASAP.

Which is good. I told her she should post signs and lock both the gates as well.

With some luck the place will sell (it is going for an absolute steal and I'd buy it if I could) and the asshole and his loser children will find some other place to inflict their presence on. I hope our good neighbors are able to buy it, they are good folks and we get along with them really well.

Its amazing to me that this dick and his family haven't lived here in more than a year and they are still making the place uncomfortable. Now that's asshole power!