Neighbor Update

I posted a little update in the comments on the last post about my ex-neighbors who just won't get the hint and go away. The real estate agent who just took over the account was unaware of the issues and was appreciative of my calling her when I saw the two women go into the house over the weekend.

She also got a locksmith out right quick to repair the sliding glass door, which just happens to be one of those models with the sliding door on the outside so you can't just drop a bar into the track and be done with it. No, that would be too easy.

But the house is secured again, she's on top of things and I expect that the next time the boys come over for a party, they'll realize how unwelcome they are and go somewhere else. Hopefully that somewhere else won't be my living room.

Now if we could only put together enough scratch to buy the house for ourselves because it is selling for an absolute freakin' steal right now and they're even willing to negotiate down.

Plus, I just found out that my dream house out in Freedom has just gone on the market. I wish, wish, wish we could buy that house and move out of town but it just ain't gonna happen anytime soon.