My Tech Ascension is Imminent!

Not to heaven (which I tend to believe is just a nice fairytale carrot) but into the realm of smartphones, convergence devices and reclaiming my Mr. Cool status.

You see, I added the final $20 to my secret savings yesterday and now have enough money squirreled away to afford an iPhone.

Yeah, baby. i-to-the-mutha-fookin'-phone!

I've been debating for the last several weeks about whether the Touch would work for me and I've concluded that it just doesn't. Its beautiful, skinny and sexy and all but lacks two important functions. One, the phone and two, the camera.

I am trying to cut down on the numerous devices I carry with me and the Touch wouldn't really allow me to leave anything at home. I'd still need my phone and my delicious new SD1100 IS (which is coming with me anywhere I go anyway so maybe this is a moot point).

And man do I need to replace my Razr, it is beat up, beat down and ready for the recycler.

So, after much internal debate, I'm going to stop by an Apple Store either this weekend or on my way back from the city on Monday and pick me up a new delicious gadget so I can stop drooling over everyone else's iPhone and drool all over my own!