Miscarriage as Art

Aliza Shvarts decided to use her womb as a canvas for her senior art project, artificially inseminating herself, taking abortion drugs and then videotaping the miscarriages and saving the blood. Yeah, pretty disgusting and shocking though she insists she didn't do it for shock value but to stimulate conversation.

Here's my conversation for you, Aliza.

"I'm really, really, really glad you weren't my roommate this year because repeated miscarriages and storing blood and everything else you did for this 'project' borders on the freakish and grotesque. As for any discussion about abortion, your project hasn't changed my thoughts in anyway, abortion should be legal, it should be a choice arrived at by the potential parents, it should not be a community decision, it should not be a rallying point for pro-life jackasses who feel empowered to try and dictate what other people do or do not do with their bodies. And yes, I get the irony in that last sentence because I am condemning what you did with your own body. No wait, that's not true. I don't care what you did with your own body, I care that you want other people to examine it as art when, I feel, its just a tawdry attempt to shock for exposure. Which has worked."

Was that what you were hoping for, Aliza? Is your middle name Susan because then your initials would be ASS which would be mildly ironic since you seem so focused on the not-ass portion of your parts.

Truthfully though, reading about how the exhibit will be presented, it makes me want to go and puke.

The full article is available here.

[Update: Its performance art, not nasty, nasty amoral real miscarriage art. Thanks, anonymous, for the tip to the update on the story.]