Mindset Inversion

Regular readers will already be aware of the rather roller-coaster-ish emotional turmoil I've been struggling to work through over the last few months. It is funny how there can be a whole series of negatives that seem to anchor an emotive state and keep the funk in charge.

But sometimes it can take just one brief and shining moment to obliterate the nasty emotional detritus from one's brain and mindset.

Call it an epiphany, call it turning a corner or flipping a new leaf but the end result is a completely changed mindset, a happier universe and a growing optimism for the future.

I'm not going to go into the details of what exactly happened but it did happen and our house, while not the picture of peace and tranquility, is a happier and more supportive place for all of us to be.

And my buying a unicycle had almost nothing to do with that. But it certainly didn't hurt at all.