The Miley Cyrus PR/Pimperator Machine

As anyone with younger children knows, Disney loves its cute white jailbait stars like nobody's business. And they have no problems vamping them up and out and making a 16 year old girl look like she's 25. Quite the opposite, the tarting starts earlier with each generation.

The music videos they show on Disney between shows are indistinguishable from MTV videos with vixens catting around in trampy clothes and looking all hot and bothered. Except the "vixens" in these videos are 15 and 16 years old and thinking how hot they look segues directly into icky feelings of perviness.

Why am I writing about any of this? Because of today's news that Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana aka Disney's Money Train is deeply sorrowful about her photo expose in the new Vanity Fair where she poses topless though wrapped in a sheet.

And what's the result of her public admission of being sorry about it? How about being the #3 and #4 most searched terms on the internet today (just behind The Rocket's latest revelation of bedding a 15 year old country singer). That is, her photos have already been looked at millions and millions of times, her exposure has been exponentially increased and her name recognition sales power has also gone up with it. Boo-friggin'-hoo indeed.

The photos aren't racy, they aren't explicit and they aren't even close to porn. But they do show an awful lot of skin of a jailbait star treading the line between pop queen and wank fodder for dirty old men. And maybe for young men too.

Do I really think she's sorry about the photos? Hell no.
Do I really think she's trying to increase her exposure? Hell yes.
Do I think Disney should be ashamed of pimping underage teens? Um yeah.
Do I think Vanessa Hudgens pics are way better? Hell yeah. Not that I've seen them, of course.

I don't know where I'm going with this but that I kind of hate Disney for pushing these underage girls out like eye candy and exploiting their sexuality for monetary gain while pretending to be wholesome purveyors of innocent children's entertainment.

Oh yeah, I'm also thoroughly sick of hearing anything about Miley Cyrus and/or Hannah Montana. Almost as sick of Amy Winehouse stories and Paris Hilton's poor me crap.