A Little (or Alot) Too Close to Home

I just read about a Shooting and Crash right near one of my schools. Close enough that a stray bullet or two could easily hit the buildings I work in. Yes, the incident took place over the weekend when there aren't kids all over the school but this still took place less than a block away.

Have I mentioned lately how much a despise the town I live in and the gang-banger jackasses who inhabit this town?

I wish there were some way to adequately relay to each and every gang banging wanker what a complete and utter waste of space they are on this planet. The culture of violence and disposable lives thoroughly disgusts me and I am absolutely looking forward to moving on. But I know it isn't going to be happening anytime soon since the housing market is trying to become a black hole and suck the known universe down into it.

[Update: Here's the story from yesterday afternoon's shooting down the street from my house. Gang related violence just a few hundred feet from my house. How delightful!]