Five Days In

I bought a unicycle last week and have started to get some training time in over the last few days. I'd been preparing myself to need a few days to start to get the hang of the balancing act that's required to stay up. And the rather counter-intuitive method of locomoting around.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I've been able to pick it up and get to a point where I can stay up on my wheel with an occasional bit of assistance in maintaining verticality.

So far the hardest part has been keeping Nande and boys outside of my potential fall zone. Nande got tagged once early on and has learned to give me some space but the boys just think its cool and want to bash into me with their ride-on cars.

One good resource I've been using alot is the FAQ over on Unicycling.org. The best bit of advice I got is to make sure my seat height is set correctly or it'll make the learning curve alot steeper than it already is.

I'm not ready for Unbeatable Banzuke but I'm having fun and learning something new. Video proof of my skills may be in the offing but don't hold your breath!