The Day the Tivo Died

It was with great sadness and a quiet hard drive that our Tivo expired last week. It had been struggling to work and had become difficult to watch so it wasn't a huge surprise but one morning it spent all day trying to power up unsuccessfully.

The strangest thing is how much of an impact the loss of the Tivo has made on our lives. Now, all of a sudden, we need to pay attention to what time it is and to turn on the box if there's a show we want to watch. It would feel quaint if it weren't so annoying.

And I can't stop time anymore, that's a bummer.

But we've only had to suffer for a few days as there's a new hard drive in the works and on the way. My wife wanted to upgrade to the HD Tivo but we would still want to keep this machine up and running since it is one of the coveted Lifetime subscription boxes.

That is, while many people are paying a monthly fee to Tivo, we paid one lump sum and never have to pay for Tivo service again. On that box. When we upgrade to HD we will probably have to start paying again since we missed the boat on the Lifetime HD service (plus it was either $700 or $800 and we didn't have that available at the time). But damn, HD Tivo has got to be about as close to television nirvana as you can get.

We'll get the new drive by Friday which means we miss Survivor so we'll have to watch it live, that'll be very strange.

Until then we will miss our Tivo which is kind of funny because I rarely watch tv, I just like having it ready for when I do have a few minutes. The upside to the hassle is that we'll be adding even more capacity to our Tivo and will be able to record around 180 hours of TV. And that's an awful lot of Oprah!