A Couple of Thoughts Before Bed

I had a good day, went to San Francisco, saw the Giants play their home opener, badly but they played it. Got to ride my motorcycle a bunch and am sort of burnt and a little sore now. Anyway, some thoughts.

- Giants fans are remarkably polite, at least 8 or 9 people turned around and said, Excuse me, to me today.

- There were really a lot of people in the park today. It was too much at times.

- While people waited for forty five minutes or more to get their garlic fries, I walked up to an absolutely empty counter and got mine in fifteen seconds. Still makes me smile.

- A hundred and eight miles on a motorcycle is no joke. Its also alot of fun. And not one real close call.

- It was very nice to have been able to check my Aerostich motorcycle suit. It would have been nicer to know beforehand.

- I really enjoyed the pre-game festivities in celebrating the 50th year of baseball in San Francisco. It was cool seeing all the old timers driven around the stadium. Not sure if any pics came out.

- Oh, cool, the flyover did come out. I'll get it posted tomorrow, I hope.

- One last one that I forgot in all the hub bub. iPhones are selling so fast that Apple can't keep up with demand. I have to wait a week to get mine. Dammit!