And the Circle (Circus) is Complete

My favorite art and satire blog has come home, Gallery of the Absurd: Say Goodbye to Circus Hour. Readers may recall several of my posts lamenting the collaboration of 14 and Candy on Circus Hour because of the drastic change in signal to noise.

And, no offense to Candy, but it had gotten to be too much. Not just for me but for many of 14's fans.

As of today, 14 has come home to the Gallery of the Absurd and I could not be happier. If you are looking for quality painting with a satirical celebrity bend to them (14's repeated skewering of Paris, Lilo and Teh Brit should have won her a freakin' Pulitzer alone!) then head on over and immerse yourself in the joy that is 14 and her genius in acrylics and oils.