Add A Solid MMA Day in There Too

Today also has finally seen the shutting up of the little mouth that could in Matt Serra fighting Georges St. Pierre. Matt Serra has been on my MMA radar for a little while now. He's a loud mouthed New Yorker guy who's got just the right amount of nasal in his voice to make it impervious to doors, walls or miles. One of those voices that you can't shut up once it starts up.

Suffice it to say that I look forward to his fights solely in the hopes of watching him get his ass kicked.

And he got his ass kicked tonight. So I'm an even happier camper.

Some of the fighters I know on the undercard had good nights too. Rich Franklin got back to his winning ways and it appears the only fighter who has his number is Anderson Silva, the reigning champ who's dismantled Franklin twice. Nate Quarry won his fight against Kalib Starnes, who, according to reports, did almost nothing but back up the entire fight. If he fights in the UFC again I will be absolutely shocked as Dana White, the UFC president, HATES a lame fight. Mac Danzig won his first fight since winning The Ultimate Fighter 6, I like the guy and enjoy his fighting style. And Ed Herman lost, that always brings a smile to my face too.

But the big smile is all about Matt Serra not only not vindicating his lucky first match victory over GSP but getting beat down pretty good in the process of losing his belt and any hope of ever being considered one of the best fighters in the world (GSP is ranked #2 in the world on the Yahoo MMA rankings). With some luck, Serra will go home to New Yawk where only the eastern seaboard will have to listen to his annoyance yapping.

[Update: Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, I've now seen three of the fights from tonight including the main event. Basically, GSP dismantled then beat then kneed then celebrated. Serra looked feisty once or twice but the entire match was dominated by GSP. He is an outstanding fighter who shouldn't have lost to Serra in the first place. If there's a third rematch, I expect GSP will kick his ass all over the octagon again. The Rich Franklin/Lutter fight was pretty good for the most part, when Lutter gassed out he became pretty easy prey for Franklin to tee off on. And the Bisping/McCarthy fight was nice to watch too. Bisping's a good fighter with a big mouth. The only other time I saw McCarthy fight it was one of the three worst fights I've ever seen in MMA mostly because of his love taps to the abdomen style of fighting.

Good fights, good action. Maybe I'll check out a few more tomorrow. Supposed to be a good knockout or two in the mix.]