I've been diligently saving my pennies (in $20 bill form) so I can replace my aging and not especially cool or useful Razr with a slick, sexy, awesome iPhone. But I got a good look at an iPod Touch yesterday and its every bit as cool as the iPhone without the phone. I'm not sure if that's the dealbreaker for me but the upside is that I could buy the Touch today and will have to wait another few weeks to order my iPhone.

I'm sorely tempted, really, really sorely tempted but I think I'm going to stick to my guns and hold off for the iPhone (but I'm won't be holding off until the not-even-announced 3g iPhone comes out because that'll be like next year).

One thing I don't really like is the very limited memory on-board and the utter lack of an SD expansion card slot. Eight gigs of music and video isn't very much really and it would be smart and helpful to allow me to use the ever-growing size of removable memory to bolster the on-board memory. But I know that Apple would sell none of the larger versions of the iPhone if everyone could just buy an extra memory card. This is one of those instances where up-sell sales are more important to Apple than delivering the absolute best product they can. They don't want to strangle their bigger ticket sales.

I can understand that but I don't particularly have to like it. I hope they incorporate expansion slots in the future though, that just seems like a smart move. Maybe in the 3G version.