User Error: Head Up Ass

Someone said it takes a big man to admit his mistakes and I'm not sure whether that's true or not if the truth is going to come out anyway. Either way, I'm admitting my own mistake.

Not a monster-career-ending-$80,000-worth-of-young-hookers-over-ten-years mistake but still a pretty good mistake nonetheless. That's how much Elliot Spitzer spent on call girls over the last decade. That's quite alot of paid for ass.

And I've got a post that I'm working on in regards to Mr. Spitzer and his tumble from respect, dignity and public office but let's get back to me and my mistake.

You see, I messed up when I presumed that Ebay had erased my records. No, they have not, in fact, done so. They did however figure out a way to make signing up so easy that I just created a new account without even noticing. And that's the one I'd apparently been using. Ebay isn't completely without responsibility here but the vast majority of the error is my own.