Trouble in Paradise: The Radio Edit

Rather than expose all of my disgusting and streaky dirty laundry I will take the (somewhat) higher road, as I can.

The top level point is that appearances can be deceptive. What can appear to be a happy house can, in fact, be a depressing hellhole of resentment, anger, violence and lots and lots of shouting.

Which pretty well sucks but there it is.

I could explain, I could dissect, I could dig into it and expose the problems here on this blog but it wouldn't solve anything and would almost certainly result in ever greater aggravation which I have a rather vested interest in trying to cut down on. My reality is nothing like you would expect it to be. No wait, that's not entirely true, there are aspects of my days that are exactly like you'd expect.

I have deeply joyful times playing with my two boys. They are a never ending source of fun, energy, laughter and entertainment. They really are fantastic little guys.

My dog is a teeter-totter of fun and aggravation. She can be loads of fun to play with in the backyard or out biking on the trails but she can also be an extreme annoyance when she won't stop whining or barking or both. To the point where I come close to becoming unglued. It isn't pretty nor do I have anything but shame about not being able to maintain my composure.

And then there's my wife. I was once told that, in the absence of anything good to say, don't say anything at all. I'll just say that we're struggling to get on the same page these days and leave it at that.

I wish I could be a happier camper on this Monday morning but I'm just not there yet.