Trading Up

My little Canon SD450 pocket camera is dying. Which isn't such a terrible thing as I've got a long no-hassle warranty on it and, for the cost of the warranty, I can upgrade my phone for about $50 every couple of years.

I just got off the phone with the Staples up the street and they have a delectable new Canon SD1100 IS on hold with my name on it.

So I'm off, with my two boys, to go trade in the broken for the slick and brand new!

[Update: Well that was a pretty easy exchange and purchase. I traded in the broken SD450, got the reserved SD1100 IS, added a new 2 gig hi-speed SD card and the 2 year no-worries-mon warranty. The only color they had available was a dark, almost reddish, brown. Not too bad but it wouldn't have been my first choice. At least I didn't have to get the pastel pinkish red one. I'll take some image stabilized macros after Grady goes down for a nap to show off how crisp and nice the images it takes are.]