Today's Theme Song Brought To You By Ok Go

I think I've already written about Ok Go's Get Over It before. But I don't really care, I'm going to write about it again because it is that freaking good and it perfectly fits my mood.

If I could have this song playing at annoying-shake-pictures-on-walls-at-300-feet volume all day long then I'd be a happy camper. Maybe mix it up with a little Mighty Mighty Bosstones but I could probably do several hours of Get Over It before I needed a break.

And I'll lament the non-anonymity of this blog. But I have other blogs for raw venting and explorations of different realities because, sad to say, this current one ain't much fun these days.

Aside from the wrestling match I had with my boys last night before bed. They get all amped up and jumpy and playful and we roll around on the bed for a half hour or so until we get too tired and then we curl up together and read a book to "come down" a bit.

Rather than focusing on the unhappy, I'm going to hit replay and just Get Over It (again). It never fails to amaze me how music can alter or invert a bad mood. What's your go-to song when you need a pick-me-up?