StubHub Can Blow Me Now

I was just checking to see how expensive an Opening Day ticket will be to go see the Giants start the new baseball season against the Padres on the 7th of April.

The first annoyance was finding out that the Giants aren't selling individual tickets to Opening Day, I would need to buy a season pass to all 82 home games just to go to the one I want. First stupidity.

I turned to StubHub to see what kind of a deal they might have. The short answer is that they have tickets but the prices are loaded up with fees. A 10% fee commission to run the ticket transaction. Shipping and handling charges between $12 and $25 and, if you happen to be able to pick up the tickets directly, $15 for pick-up.

Um yeah, how about no?

View reserve seats for premium games (which is entirely arguable that there are NO premium games for the Giants this year as they are almost certainly going to suck) are $32 each. StubHub has them at $58 each. That's $26 above the listed price. And I can't figure out if that includes all of the bullshit fees. I'm assuming it does but it probably does not. Oh yeah, those two tickets at $58 each? They were sold in the time it took me to write this.

Convenience fees are like getting slapped in the face on a really cold day and I, for one, refuse to use services that charge outrageous fees for basic services. StubHub just joined TicketMaster as yet another opportunistic capitalizer.

But I'm still planning on going up to the game. Even if I don't get in to watch the game, I'm going to enjoy the spectacle of the start of the season regardless.