Stomp Rockets Rock

If you haven't gotten a chance to play with a stomp rocket then you haven't lived yet. Its a simple toy really, just an air bladder, hose, tripod and launch tube combined with a lightweight foam-tipped rocket.

Put the rocket on the launch tube and stomp on the bladder to achieve instant and gratifying liftoff. Big kids love them because it is easy to send a rocket fifty feet or more into the air. And little kids love them because they get a fantastic sense of accomplishment and empowerment in stomping and shooting a rocket across the yard.

I bought one at the store yesterday and couldn't wait to get it out of the box so Grady and Sully could stomp to their heart's content. And they did. And then the neighbors came out and they stomped and then the other neighbors came out and they stomped. And then the other neighbors came out and they stomped too. And then the bigger boys started stomping at each other. And then the dogs wanted to get in on the action and chased the rockets.

One of the neighbors grand daughters is this very cute but very, very shy little girl. She wouldn't play, at first, but she slowly got closer and closer until she was stepping on the bladder and launching her own rockets. Not very high at first but they went higher and higher as she became more and more confident. By the end, she was sending them as high as the other kids and feeling pretty darned good about herself for doing so. It was pretty sweet to see how much fun all the kids were having and just awesome in seeing how a simple toy could help instill confidence and self esteem.

And much, much merriment ensued. Well more than the mere $10 the stomp rockets cost. Really the only "improvement" I could see would be to add a whistle to the rockets so they scream across the sky when stomped. But that might get annoying after about seven seconds.