NY lawmaker urges FBI to drop Clemens probe, saying pitcher has suffered enough - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

NY lawmaker urges FBI to drop Clemens probe, saying pitcher has suffered enough even though he hasn't even admitted that he's a big, fat freaking liar who's been using performance enhancing drugs for a long time.

Suffered? He's made millions upon millions of dollars from his lies and cheating.

Investigate him, force him to tell the truth or throw his ass in prison.

Anthony Weiner presents a false dilemma in his reasoning for dropping the investigation, that of the FBI having bigger fish to fry. The falseness here is that the FBI can only do one thing at a time and that they should be pursuing "real" criminals. The reality is very different in that the FBI is a HUGE organization simultaneously performing hundreds of investigations across all strata of society and criminal element. If the investigation of Clemens was exposing our country to a terrorist attack then of course I'd say drop it given that lives are far more important than a cheating baseball jerk. But the patent reality of the situation is that there are plenty of FBI agents to secure our nation AND investigate major cheating and lying in the huge business of professional sports. To say otherwise is to try and obfuscate the truth of the situation.

Letting Clemens off the hook without even his admission of guilt sends a deeply flawed message. To other cheater baseball players, to youth baseball players who looked up to him, to owners who profited from the drug era, to fans who want an honest game again.

Clemens needs to come clean, he needs to admit his guilt, admit his cheating and only then can any kind of relief be discussed.

Calling for the investigation to be abandoned would be damaging to the integrity of baseball and it would be condoning every single microgram of steroids and growth hormones injected into his ass.

Clemens knows the truth from what his twisted and totally unbelievable story has become. He knows he's lying, he knows that what he is doing is underhanded and dirty. Letting him get away with it would taint us all.

Investigate, prosecute, punish, forgive. The crucible that baseball must pass through won't be fun and some stars will be sacrificed in the cleansing, like Bonds and Clemens.