The Lives Others Lead

You know the strangest thing about life, it never stops going. Not for an instant, not for me, not for you and not for anyone else.

And its easy to forget that everyone else has a life that's following its trajectory, peaking, subsiding and peaking again.

In the midst of living my life with my wife, kids, dog, cat and various projects, issues, problems, resolutions and all the other whatnot, I lose track of what is happening in other arms of my family, amongst my friends and it gets worse the farther away from me it goes.

But sometimes someone else does the legwork to put together a really useful and illuminating summary of a life that is close to yours. In the most recent example, my uncle's life work was profiled by a local website to his company and home in Georgetown. I knew a little bit of what he did and had done but I had absolutely no idea he was such a major league asskicker and that his goals are very, very closely in alignment with my own.

Of course, he's had the same goals for the last 40 years or more. Mine have really come into focus since I had children of my own and I realized just how important education and positive role models are for them. And I want the absolute best that they can get. My wife and I take an active role in trying to educate and help our boys learn and expand their world's. Sadly, many parents don't seem to see the value or enjoyment in doing so.

And then I heard an update about friends that moved out of state a few years ago. Apparently, the woman was running and collided with a cement basketball hoop foundation. She ended up fracturing her femur (yeah!) and mangling both elbows so she was wheelchair bound without the ability to even scratch her nose for a few months. Oh yeah, the couple also has a fairly new baby to be caring for as well. That's a reality that I don't want to experience firsthand at all.