Hey Now, Don't Delete Me Yet

I got a note from my mom this morning alerting me to the fact that my site is not reachable at present. Which is great, its about the last thing you want to hear just before you have to leave for work. When I won't be able to do anything about the site for a whole bunch of hours.

But the upside is that today is this week's Friday! I get a little mini-Spring Break action, nothing too crazy but a four day weekend shouldn't hurt too much.

And today I'm back to the schools I've been hitting the last two days. Today we're mounting the new Xserves which'll be fun because we'll have powertools!

I have been having a more and more difficult time writing and publishing posts lately, not sure whether its just the time of the year, the combination of work duties ramping up or other things impinging on my blogging but I'm just nowhere near as interested in it as I have been for the last six years. Maybe it'll pass, maybe it won't, I can't say, I'm just noting the feeling.

Other good stuff, baseball has started up again although the Japan start with the Red Sox and A's is stupid and unnecessary as the Japanese are loony for baseball already. And who watched the first game live anyway? Not me. But that's alright, I'm going up to Opening Day Monday after next and expect to have a pretty darned good time even if I end up rolling up on my own due to pal-complications.