The Best and Most Useful Mac Application I've Ever Used

This'll come as no surprise to the power Mac-heads out there. But I am finding more and better ways to use Quicksilver than ever before.

Sure, its a perfectly kickass application launcher but it does so much more that I've been able to clean out my dock to the barest of bare minimums.

Today I learned how to use the "Append to..." command to easily and quickly add tasks to my many and varied tasklists without even opening the documents. 43 Folders has a good rundown on how this is done and it took a little working but I've got it down now and it kicks ass.

I'm now able to quickly and easily add tasks by invoking Quicksilver, starting with a perid then type by task, tab to the next window and start typing Append to and the next window pops up, tab to that and start typing the text file you want to append to, hit execute and get back to whatever you were doing without any delay.

But, truth be told, I just learned about this neat feature on Zen Habits. Now I'm going to start implementing the other tips to make my workflow even slicker and more seamless.

If you like working efficiently and intuitively (and you're on a Mac) then definitely check out Quicksilver, it'll transform your computing. And I've barely even begun to get into all of what Quicksilver is capable of doing for me.