Accountable Difficulties

Some of you may have noticed a rather obvious lack of Intellectual Poison-itude yesterday. In fact, the entire website was gone for most of the day. And no, not because I didn't pay my hosting service or the sharks who pose as my domain registrars.

Nope, instead a rabid bug got loose in my hosting service's network and decided to snack on the logical side of my account. And the service started sending me garbage emails demanding immediate payment of no money. Which was odd enough. But then the account bug decided fifteen nanoseconds was too long to wait for payment it didn't get or need so it shut off my site, twice.

My hosting providers says they've got things sorted out and that they appreciate my patience. They've now overlooked two requests for a credit to make up for the pain in the ass and hassle they inflicted upon me. I'll request one more time and then I'm going to go shopping for a new provider. And I'll happily list their name here so that others can be made aware too.