Weekend Sports Wrap

The perfect season didn't end so perfectly for the New England Patriots. They fell to the New York Giants to put a period and not an exclamation point on an undefeated season. Instead of a scary 19-0, they end up at 18-1 and are Super Bowl XLII runners-up rather than the champions.

There are plenty of reasons why they lost but I think the biggest is that the Patriots behaved as if the game was a foregone conclusion. As if nothing could possibly upset the applecart that is a perfect season so late in the game. But it appears someone forgot to tell the Giants they were supposed to be the footnote

Well that and the perceived mentality that playing the game was an afterthought and merely a formality. I'm sure that's now how the Patriots really felt the game was but that's certainly the feeling I got over the last couple of weeks.

And I'm sure the Giants came in feeling pissed off and ready to smash the Pats in the mouth. Especially after nearly beating them in week 17 a few weeks ago.

It wasn't inevitable but it felt like the Giants were alot hungrier, played alot harder and ended up winning. The perfect season fades into a footnote on the Giants huge upset Super Bowl victory.

The other big event this weekend was the debut of wrestling "champion" Brock Lesnar in the octagon competing in an MMA match for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He took on Frank Mir, a legendary fighter with insane submission skills. And Lesnar got submitted. I'll look forward to actually seeing the fight when it gets rebroadcast but I couldn't justify dropping fifty or sixty bucks on it. And Tim Sylvia was winning his fight with Nogueria when he got submitted. That'll be a good fight to see too. Why did I want Lesnar to lose? Simple, that haircut he sports is the worst thing I've seen since Mark Cuban started doing his homage to Canseco's bowlcut.

The bummer about the Monday after the Super Bowl (aside from my teams having been eliminated weeks ago) is that football is done for the year now. Which leaves us with hockey (which I like to watch) and basketball (which you cannot pay me to watch). The sports are slim pickings for a few months until baseball kicks back into gear.