The Week is Ended, Long Live the Weekend!

It has arrived, my first weekend after going back to fulltime working again. And I'm bushed. The combination of travel, orientation, socialization, disinfection and computer fixeration has pretty well wiped me out. Of course I'm not going to bed just yet.

Now's one of the few times when I can use my computer without interruption or fear of it getting a cup of juice poured on it. Or any of the other myriad ways my two grinning monkeys of destruction could do it in.

Speaking of which, after a short bike ride this evening I went up to take a shower and clean up a bit. But both boys decided they wanted baths so I filled up the tub with them in it and then got in myself. Three boys in a bathtub together. It was cozy but not too terrible and it was fun playing with my guys in the water without worrying about getting splashed on.

Anyway, what are some reflections about this new and atypical working schedule and multiple environments? One, every school is almost like its own complete universe. They all look different, the arrangements are different, the class of the school, the state of repair or disrepair is different and the kids are different, to a point. Some kids are really quite well dressed while others are not so much. Some kids pretty obviously missed their bath the night before. Some kids are like tiny little fashion models. And sometimes I see their parents and understand completely.

I like different things about each of my schools and I'm looking forward to helping to make them better able to educate the kids by keeping the computers in working order but also looking out for new tools, new sites, new software or widgets that would help facilitate the passing of knowledge.

One of my principals, while I was fiddling with his Entourage settings, said, "I like your style, I like how you came in and got going, that works." And I took it as a compliment, as it was meant to be. I like his style, I like his VP's style too. I like the atmosphere they create and perpetuate across the campus. But I like my first school alot too. It is alot more raucous and I've gotten to know the teachers much better. I'm sure that'll change as I get more and more settled in at my new schools. It'll take some time though.

And it'll be hindered by my being at each other school once or twice a week depending on the week. I'm at my first school two full days and one half day. But no worries, I'm liking it alot, I get to help people out who really need it. I get to geek out on tech weenie stuff. I get to wax nostalgic when I come across old Mac gear or even an Apple IIe (I know of at least one in use today, a computer I used back in the early 80's).

What it comes down is that I think I've found a job I like to do, that I'm capable of doing and that provides a needed and valuable service to the schools and the district in general. Its a good feeling.