Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs. Favorites

** Warning: Spoiler Alert, do not read if you do not want to know what happened. **

The new season of Survivor kicked off the other night with a group of super fans being sent to an island in Micronesia to stand in the rain and await their competition. They didn't know their competition was going to be some Survivor favorites and one total asshole who's nobody's favorite but we'll get to him later.

The fans seemed almost hand picked to match up against the favorites to make for an interesting season.

The one major sticking point for me going into this season was the inclusion of Jonny Fairplay as a "favorite". For one, he's nobody's favorite. For two, he was terrible at the game. For three, anytime I hear his name or see his greasy mug I just want to start punching him until his mug is gone.

I wanted him off the show as soon as absolutely possible. And I got my wish as he was the first to be voted off. Since he's got a baby on the way I won't wish him harm or anything but I certainly don't wish him well. Scumbags don't need any help and he's a supersized scumbag sleazeball jackass.

As for the other favorites, I was pleased to see James come back and Ozzy and Yau Man (to a lessor degree though) some of the others. My wife remarked that all of the fans had something funky about them, like 70's glam hair or midwestern pinched faces or something along those lines. I had to agree but I'm more interested in how well they handle the favorites, some of which are the fans' favorites themselves.

I think this'll be an interesting season and it'll be watchable without Jonny Fairplay because I probably would have boycotted if he'd hung around for more than a couple of episodes.