Rocket Gets Shot Down by Smoking Syringe

McNamee's lawyers say physical evidence confirms Clemens' use of performance-enhancing drugs. Namely McNamee saved the syringes and towels he used when he injected Roger Clemens with PEDs (that's performance enhancing drugs) in 2000 and 2001.

Clemens is still denying all of it in spite of now physical evidence that has his blood, may still have DNA and steroids or HGH in it.

That's what we call GAME OVER. You weren't convincing anyone before and now there's nobody that believes you're clean, Roger. And, because you just testified at length yesterday that you've never, ever done PEDs, you might even be facing an indictment for perjury. Which would be sweet.

Clemens' legacy is already tainted and he's pretty well assured of going down in the Asterisk Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame. And he deserves every bit of smackdown he's going to get.

I bet he wishes he'd stayed retired now.