Today I get to start the install on one of my pet projects that's aimed at showcasing technology's utility to the teachers at one of my schools. To that end, we're putting in an installation of Imacs along with a digital projector (which does some pretty nifty stuff) and want to try and encourage greater tech adoption at the school since many teachers see computers as an necessary evil and not a really incredibly useful tool for communication and learning.

I hope I'm not moving these computers in a torrential downpour though, that could complicate things a bit.

One really nice benefit to working at three different schools is that I can mix and match technology across the three schools to make the most of what I do have available. For instance, one school had a pretty serious lack of mice, one school had a bunch extra (like a shopping bag full) so I grabbed some and brought them over, trading the mice for some USB keyboards that were needed at my other school.

And I can also use my other schools for ideas, projects and partnerships.

The project I'll be working on today is, more or less, a copy of a set up at one of my other schools. But if it can spark a little interest in using technology in the classroom then it'll be well worth the effort. Because I firmly believe that the more tech-savvy a kid is moving forward, the better equiped they'll be to be able to develop marketable skills.

Damn, looks like one of my three Imacs is not quite ready for primetime. Time to get out the hammer and re-educate it.