The New Dawning

This might come off as a pie in the sky post so either bear with me or go read about Roger Clemens and his exploding career below instead.

Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day all the way around. I started working at my third school, was very impressed by the teacher's setup, went to a multi-hour tech meeting, filled out lots more paperwork, got some signatures, signed some other papers and then went back to the new school. With a delicious new MacBook Pro in tow.

Not one of the newest of the new, it is still a way smoking little machine and absolutely crushes my old G4 Aluminum (even if it weren't slowly dying) in terms of speed and cool stuff its got. And, even though I hate Windows, it is pretty slick to be able to reboot my computer into Windows XP. I'm still configuring it and getting it up to speed for my use both professionally and personally.

I didn't get my district cellphone yet but that's because I need to go on a signature drive first. I need my three principals to agree to the unusual contract. And then I get a new phone to go with my other new gear.

It will take some getting used to this new schedule but I do think it'll be kind of nice to be moving around so much and dealing with so many different kids, teachers, campuses and computers. There will be difficulties, to be sure, but overall its a really good situation.

And I am looking forward to improving the tech capabilities of my schools to produce a more savvy student as well as educating teachers in making better use of technology.

There were alot of good things yesterday and I don't want to forget them. Let's see: new laptop, new school, fully completed HR paperwork, a raise (which was unexpected and rather awesome), new info about my benefits package (which kicks the butt, for sure), a new cellphone on the way, mileage reimbursement, and more hours. Oh yeah, I also picked a useful and inexpensive tool kit to be able to pull machines apart more easily. Woot all the way around!