Life at Pokey Speed

Not me, I generally move at a pretty good clip either walking, on my bikes or in the car. No, I'm talking about the slow moving obstructions to the general pace of life. People who, for reasons of age, health or desire, don't move at anything faster than a slow crawl.

They are the people who drive at 45 miles an hour on the highway, that take three blocks to get their cars up to 10 miles an hour under the speed and that's as fast as they are going to go so either deal with it or pass them.

These are the same people that turn the express lane at the grocery store into the what's-in-my-purse Olympics while they search for their money. These are the people that I inevitably get stuck behind when I need to get somewhere quickly and my exasperation is legion.

I understand that life moves at different speeds for different people but it would be nice if these human snails could recognize that the rest of the universe is passing them by and it would be nice if they could just slide out of the way for those of us who have places to be.

Oh, and if you could walk your shopping cart in ANY other place but the center of the lane, that'd be fine by me.