I Got Nothing

Astute readers will have noticed that its been a little while since I've written anything here. And its not because I'm just sitting and staring at the wall with nothing happening, there's plenty, plenty to keep me busy these days. Just not a whole lot of translatable events that make for good or even decent blog posts.

That plus I'm suffering from a sort of blog fatigue. As Ryan posted the other day, the internets have changed, there's a new guard, a new something or other and the ol' blogosphere doesn't feel like it used to.

I've found that the numbers of blogs I regularly read dwindles unless I make an effort to replenish blogs as they die off or become boring or veer off into foci that are of zero interest to me. Or, perish the thought, if they lose their sense of humor.

There are very few blogs I take the time to comment on, for various reasons. Amy's comments are turned off as often as not because of loser comment spammers (seriously, there are few lower life forms than idiots who comment spam), the Mint's comments are password protected and I almost always forget what my password is, Ryan's comments break on me more often than not and I get frustrated trying to comment there sometimes.

And, sad to say, there's just too much going on outside the internets these days. I've got two beautiful and wonderful little boys that want my attention, I've got a wife that needs me, a dog that needs walks and runs, a house that needs repairs, trash to take out, poop to scoop up and more and more and more.

It isn't that I'm going to go away so much as that I think I'm going to start evolving my blog again. It needs something but I'm not sure what (and no, Ryan, it does not need images of my backside thankyouverymuch). I don't know, I'm just sort of not feeling it so much these days.

But I expect that'll change once I've gotten resettled into a routine with my work. One can only hope.