Watching Trouble Brew

Today I took my boys to the mall so they could get their ya-ya's out after being stuck inside most of the last few days thanks to the rain. The mall is one of the few places with a space for kids to go crazy. They've got foam covered sea creatures to play on including a slide, tunnel, octopus head and huge clam shell. The floor's padded and there's a four foot high wall around most of the space that has a bench seat for parents to take a load off while the kids go nuts.

There are also two shoe lockers to stash shoes in. Most kids take off shoes and socks but some keep the socks on and wonder why they have such a hard time climbing up the structure.

Anyway, Grady usually finds a boy or girl near his age and near his temperament to pal up with and play. Which includes running in big circles, screaming and dancing in place. Sometimes while holding hands with the other child. Sully likes to get in the way, either by parking himself at the top of the slide or by immediately trying to reclimb the slide after he's gone down.

Sully likes being a nuisance these days. He delights in turning off the television again and again. And grabbing his brother's toys and running away with a big grin on his face. I call his affliction, little brother-itis, he may never grow out of it.

Anyway, the little boy Grady pal'ed up with today was a rather mischievous little three and a half year old. He and Grady got to chase each other all over the place, up and down the slide, on the back of the shark, sitting inside the giant clam. Good fun. For the most part.

The other little boy liked to push sometimes and I happened to look up from Sully to see him slapping a little girl not once or twice but a couple of quick times in succession. She immediately started crying and the boy got disciplined. But it appeared that there was a pattern of behaviour brewing in him that will need some straightening out.

But overall the trip was a great success made only better by a stop at the park on the way home to throw rocks into puddles and then go puddle stomping until Grady got his pants all wet and that was that.