Rule #240: How To Escape Flight Cancellation Hell

Just read this interesting article at MSNBC called Stranded at the airport? Don’t forget Rule 240 which basically boils down to this.

If you get stranded at the airport due to a flight cancellation then you can ask (ask, do not DEMAND!) that the airline use Rule 240 to get you on the next available flight to get you to your destination. Note, not the next available flight by that carrier, the next available flight, period.
Rule 240 mandated that an airline facing a delayed or canceled flight had to transfer you to another carrier if 1) the second carrier could get you to your destination more quickly than the original line and 2) it had available seats.
Which is a pretty nice and empowering little bit of rule making for passengers, imagine that! Of course it has to be a legacy from the old days since the airlines wouldn't want to empower passengers in anyway. Heck, they'd have us fly buck naked and unconscious if they could.

Has anyone out there used Rule 240 to escape a sleepover at the airport? I'd love to hear about it in action.